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What is The Product Agent?

The Product Agent is the premier destination for introducing your TV and/or film production to the most extensive roster of today’s hottest brands. Connect directly with brands from our massive online marketplace of apparel, jewelry, fashion accessories, children’s products, health & beauty, home goods, sports equipment, technology and so much more! The Product Agent makes it easy to get the right brands into your hands.


For over 15 years we’ve partnered with hundreds of costume designers, set decorators, prop masters, hair and makeup artists and production crew, helping them find the perfect products

to use both on-screen and behind-the-scenes. And we’d love to do the

same for you!

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From phone cases to footwear, watches to sunglasses, home décor to hand sanitizer, it’s often the little details that really set the stage -- making a scene more memorable or a character more distinct. Productions rely on The Product Agent’s unmatched expertise and unbridled enthusiasm to help them find the right products from both established and emerging brands to use in their show or film — not only on-screen but also behind the scenes!

So if you want to increase the awareness of - and demand for - your brand, The Product Agent can help!

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I  just want to say one word to you…



PRODUCT: Native Union iPhone Case PRODUCTION: Why Him


Who’s the Boss?

Jessica Cohen

is an Emmy Award-winning set decorator, production expert and the genius behind hundreds of unused SNL skits.  Her vast film and TV experience combined with her innovative marketing strategies and entrepreneurial nature has made Jessica one of the most sought-after liaisons between brands and Hollywood, leading industry insiders to dub her “The Product Whisperer.”

Michael Tricario

is an award-winning creative director as well as a former child star (“star” might be a stretch). Mike has spent the majority of his life either in front of or behind the camera, so he truly knows the ins and outs of production.  Also during this same time, he has used many many products – most of them successfully.

 “That’s what she said”

- Michael Scott


"Working with The Product Agent has been amazing! I only

wish we had connected with them sooner. Our products are now on set - and have been on camera - at highly rated television shows and movies. As a young brand, this support and placement means everything to us." 


—  Jessica Postiglione, CEO + Co-Founder OLIKA